"Getting Off" On Putting Others Down

Getting a "fix" from casting shame, disrespect, and blame on others is common for those with entitlement issues, especially when accompanied by insecurity.

Often a person with these issues will cast shame onto whole groups of people, like ALL of the members of the group are "bad".
Such as "all MEN", or "all WOMEN", or all members of one race, country, or religion.

Usually, (but not always), they cast "bad" onto a group that they don't include themselves in.

They often group people into sub-categories also, such as not just "all women", but all white women, or all brunette-haired-white women, or all tall brunette white women, or all brunette white women of a certain country or region.
Or all Northerners, all Southerners, or all upper management, or all banking employees, etc. (People who do this will make groups and categories out of anything, especially when they're seeking to cast others as "bad" so they can feel "good", "righteous", or "innocent".)

Most people will seem quite oblivious to all the good things that you do and have done, but when it comes to finding a chink in your armor where their criticism might get in, they're suddenly paying close attention.