Rage Trigger: Neutrality And The Absence Of Overt Sweetness

Rage trigger:

Someone showing any annoyance or anger toward them can trigger a person with certain emotional illnesses to a defensive "rage" response, even to the point of feeling contempt or hatred toward the person.
Even just an absence of overtly pleasant or accommodating treatment toward them is a common trigger for intense emotional reactivity in those with certain disorders.
(which can include trauma).

They can be triggered to defensiveness, anger, or even sometimes rage or hatred when another person does not display a blatantly friendly, obviously pleasant manner toward them. Another person simply acting or speaking in a neutral, polite manner, with no negative or hostile tones, can trigger them.

They apparently interpret the absence of overly friendly or submissive tones as "hostility", "bossiness", "rudeness", or even "arrogance".

They are especially prone to being triggered when they don't receive an overtly friendly, sweet, or submissive response from a person whom they were EXPECTING IT from.

So if some "tough-looking" male, for instance, treats them rudely, right to their face, they might barely flinch. But if another person who has perhaps a "motherly" appearance, or who they find "attractive"  simply does not act super-polite toward them, they can experience an immediate, intense emotional reaction.

If a person who they know always acts like a jerk treats them with blatant disrespect, they might get a little annoyed, but that's all.
~ But if a person who they feel SUPERIOR TO simply states their own opinion or observations in a neutral or confident manner, or especially if the so-called "inferior" person stands up for themselves against disrespectful language or behavior, they can fly into a meltdown, rejecting or raging on the person.

~note to critics: sometimes redundancy is done for a purpose~