Are You Arrogant? Probably...

Humans, ALL Humans, are as vulnerable to complacency, arrogance, and self-righteousness as a fish is to getting wet.
They're glitches in the whole "self-confidence" thing that we need to survive and live a relatively normal life.
So, do you have arrogance issues? Almost certainly.
Do you ever think you're more deserving of something than someone else? Do you feel like you're better than others sometimes, or often? How do you treat other races? How do you treat the opposite sex? How do you treat people who are younger than you? Shorter than you? Older than you? Why are you treating people differently according to such superficial things?

Do you ever think about the way you treat the different members of your own family? Of your own community? Where you work?

Do you ever really believe that you're wrong? Do you go by your feelings, or do you actually (honestly) make decisions based on careful planning rooted in values?

How often do you make excuses for your actions?

Yeah, you probably have arrogance, over-confidence, control, and resentment issues, just because you're a human. Does that make it "okay"? Of course not. Does that mean you should jump off a cliff? Of course not.