Fake Friends

One of the main differences between a fake friend and a real friend:
real friends defend their friend (spouse, family member) when someone insults them or backstabs them. Fake friends join in, so they can be part of the 'gang'. Real friends sound like~ 'No, he's not 'stupid', actually he's a lot smarter than most people I know. Including you, apparently, if you think he's 'stupid'."
or 'Did you seriously just call her a slut? How old are you, nine? What is your malfunction?'
Fake friends sound like~ 'Yeah she's a flake for sure, you don't know the half of it. Some of the whacked stuff that comes out of her mouth!'
or 'Yeah he's a loser, I only talk to him to be nice. Did you see what he posted?' The reason there's such a big difference is because people who are genuine have real lives and therefore real self-confidence and values. People who are fake are living their lives like they're on a daytime soap, always trying to gain something, or make sure the 'cool people' still like them.