Concept Of Relationship Foreign To Narcissists

Those who are immature or who have Narcissism don't get the concept of "relationship". They tend to think that they're entitled to any of the relationships they have, and to ownership over other people. That's one of the main reasons they don't want to do any "work" on relationships or on themselves, and why they get so upset when anyone suggests it.
Typically they get upset just talking about something that happened or something they did, and will try to divert or end the discussion.
They think that knowing someone IS all that a "relationship" requires, unless of course they want the OTHER person to change... but themselves? No way, they're already perfect, the other person is the one who needs to make any and all changes, not them.
A person with Narcissism might make little changes over time, just because it's natural for a human to change somewhat as they age and as they experience different things. But they're probably not going to ever understand the concept of a mutual relationship.