Consumer Alert: Girls And Boys Clothing

If you don't understand "Gender Role Conditioning", or believe it, just go to Wal Mart, or any clothing store, and look at the shorts for little boys, and then stroll over to the girls dept. and look at the shorts made for them (all by people you don't know).
Look at the length of the shorts and the quality.
You really think that little boys and little girls are designing those shorts? Or making them? Or putting them in the stores? You really think that's THEIR "natural preference" because of their gender, and if adults didn't dress OTHER little boys and girls in those same clothes, that they would still want to wear them?

Now that you noticed the difference in the shorts that are available for people to buy, and that people put on their children whether the kids like them or not, and in a lot of cases whether the clothes are appropriate or not for age, weather, or where they're wearing them, go look at the difference in quality of shirts, pants, and underwear, and long underwear. Look at the difference in COATS. Look at the difference between men's flannel shirts and women's flannel shirts. In the make and quality of dress clothes.

Look at the prices while you're at it. Why is the same brand of shirt or pants a different quality between male and female "styles", and why the price difference?
It's all for the same reasons. 

AND SO, if men and boys are SO MUCH TOUGHER, then WHY do they seem to need MUCH WARMER CLOTHES than women and girls do, for the same climate?
Oh right... because girls and women don't go outside... or work... yeah that's it... lol.
Watch some more television.

Oh while you're at it, go see if you can find steel-toed boots in the men's section, you know the boots that people wear to PROTECT their toes because they don't want to get hurt... (owie!) ~ now go look to see if you can find them in the women's shoe department, how many are there? Because there should be MORE, since women are so fragile and need more protection...don't they?

This is NOT the "fault" of the men or the boys or the women or the girls who are wearing the clothes, they aren't the ones making them and distributing them.
But we CAN be aware of what we are BUYING, and what we are dressing our children in.

What are we putting on our kids, and WHY?