Feeling Alone And Unwanted

One of the most serious side effects of Narcissistic treatment or abuse that can be difficult to recover from is an internalized belief that one does not belong, and that one is not likeable or loveable by those who are confident, caring, healthy human beings.

If one takes it apart and analyzes it, the flaw in the logic is revealed.

Confident, caring, healthy human beings, male or female, of any ancestry, do not manipulate with rejection, disrespect, ostracism, shunning, slander, sabotage, neglect, triangulation, hurt, abuse, or abandonment.

Only Controllers, abusers, and Narcissists do those things. 

When these things have been done to a person by controllers over and over, the person can begin to believe that the REASON they are being treated so poorly is because they just aren't worthy enough.

OTHER people are being treated well, so I must not be as good, or as worthy, or as likeable as they are. I am a person whom others don't want around.

But remember it's not just "people" who don't want a person around, or who bully and manipulate them, it's Controlling people.

If and when these beliefs solidify, it can be very difficult to recover from. Every time a new narcissistic or controller person (or group) shows up and does their usual manipulative, cold, or dominating behaviors, the internalized belief can get reinforced.

Even when a person or group is not doing seriously abusive behaviors, one's negative beliefs can still be reinforced just because the other person is aloof, arrogant, emotionally reactive, or oblivious.

People who are narcissistic, controlling, disordered, arrogant, bad-mannered, self-centered, or dealing with their own trauma issues are very numerous in modern culture. So it's almost impossible to avoid interacting with them.

IF the internalized feeling of not being liked, wanted, cared about or worthy was not present, it would be much, much easier to deal with self-centered,  disordered people, and it would be easier to discern those who are dealing with trauma symptoms.

So healing that skewed belief that some Controllers helped to implant is a very important and worthwhile goal. <3 br="">Namaste.
You are quite worthy and loveable by HEALTHY, good, strong people.