Good Vs. Evil

Remember that Evil is as evil does.
It will always try to rationalize and justify, and it will try to make itself appear to be "good", "knowledgeable", "strong", "straightforward", and "important".

But it is revealed not in words nor appearance, but in actions; in what it's actually doing.

Good is also revealed in actions, and in cause and effect; not in description, intention, nor appearance. 

Evil likes to make itself into judge, jury, and prison guard, because it's a way to control others that appears "righteous".

Good wants to find solutions and plans that are of mutual benefit for all, while preserving the freedom and dignity of the individual.

Evil wants to own, control, or destroy places, things, and people.  Good does not.

The reason it seems that evil "always wins" is because evil is driven, obsessively, to "own", control, or destroy, and will destroy whatever is in the way of its "goal", like a charging rhino across a field of bunny rabbits. Evil doesn't care what or who it stomps, it just wants, and figures out ways to get what it wants.

Good is much stronger than evil, it's just not driven, obsessive, or destructive by nature.