Narcissists Are Limited

Typically there are certain things that a person who has Narcissism literally can not do.

Depending on the individual, these things can and may or may not include:

Compulsion and reaction control. A person who has Narcissism often has poor compulsion and emotional reaction control, but so do many non-Narcissists. The difference is that a non-N. can admit it, even if it takes a while, and can see it for what it is. A Narcissist will usually rationalize, defend, and try to justify any and all behaviors, no matter what they are.

Tell the difference between one's own opinions, feelings, bias, beliefs, and point of view, and objective reality. Narcissists typically think that if they believe something is so, then it actually IS "so".
"The rose is beautiful" or "Roses are ugly" is the same to them as "The rose is red" or "The rose is a flower".

Think logically and calmly, without prejudice, resentment, emotion or histrionics clouding their thoughts.

Depending on the individual, empathy. People who have Narcissism may be able to empathize, but their interpretations of the feelings and experiences of others are often way off, and are frequently more like assumptions based in a biased "picture" of the other person.

Understand respect and boundaries. Those who are Narcissistic typically feel entitled to all kinds of liberties, indignities, possession and control over others, and the closer a person is to them, the more they tend to feel entitled to disrespect, invade, boss, and criticize them.

Understand that gender roles and other types of character roles are made-up, or why they would be made up. It's common for Narcissists to embrace any kind of bias against either sex, and instead of questioning biases, stereotypes and prejudices, defend them adamantly.

Understand why triangulation, playing favorites, gossip and backstabbing is destructive or wrong.

Understand why manipulation is wrong.

Understand why micromanaging and criticizing another person is wrong.

Comprehend simple and straightforward communication.

Understand what the big deal is about being respectful, considerate, or compassionate toward other people.

Comprehend the difference between "respect" and "fear", or "respect" and "adulation", or "respect" and "hero-worship", or "respect" and "sexual attraction".

Understand the difference between a romantic relationship and a solely sexual relationship.

Comprehend that there is no "natural human hierarchy" based on a person's social "power", or lack thereof. Chimpanzees of course still have hierarchies, but they are a primitive species in a primitive environment.

Reciprocate normal, every-day mutual exchange in relationships.

Follow someone else's lead (whom they don't designate as a "Leader Type" person).

Assist another person without condescension: trying to give lots of advice, or trying to take control.

Understand why humans need positive interaction with other humans.

Refrain from lying when they feel even slightly "backed into a corner".

Refrain from blaming other people for anything and everything.

Understand why mentoring and kindness to girls and boys is so important, or why it's important to NEVER reject or ostracize a child.

"Connect" with another human being on a genuine level; all connections must be modified to fit the N's comfort, expectations, and ego.