Narcissists Can Have Kindred Spirits, Sort Of

"Kindred Spirits"...

Narcissists tend to LIKE other Narcissists.
Not for the same reasons non-narcissists like other people, but for their own reasons. They can be superior to others together, help one another to rationalize and justify their poor treatment of other people, give one another positive reinforcement, and help each other with various activities and agendas. 

They can often be seen creating cliques and factions with one another, and conspiring against common scapegoat targets.


(Give it enough time and they will eventually turn on one another when there's no one they can target together.)

On the other side of this coin, if they don't like a particular fellow Narcissist, they tend to DESPISE them, and compete with them directly in all sorts of ways.
The targeted person is like a scapegoat, except that the Narcissist considers them to be "on equal footing", a "peer", a "worthy opponent", a "fair fight"...

They get a very big charge out of the drama of targeting a scapegoat, attacking a person and/or their reputation, wielding control over another human being, and from "competing" with a "nemesis". 
The charge from the drama is a neurochemical cocktail that gives them a "rush", and makes them feel powerful. (Possibly similar to the reported "high" from cocaine or cocaine by-products, or amphetamines, which explains the addictive behaviors to this "rush".)

(Having a "nemesis" means you're very important...apparently...even more important than when you consider yourself superior to another person.)