Nonchalance Or Annoyance Toward Another's Hardship

If it doesn't seem to bother someone who claims to care about you that you are:

In danger
Having a serious problem
Being treated unfairly or disrespectfully
Being bullied, slandered, sabotaged
Being manipulated

~because they behave dismissively, coldly, arrogantly, critically, inconsiderately or cruelly toward you, and especially when you express what you're feeling or dealing with; consider that a Red Flag.

Don't expect much from them at all regarding normal friendship, integrity, human connection, or usual values.
They may even believe themselves "strong" because they ignore YOUR hardships (apparently their wires are crossed about what "strength" means).
Don't expect "love" (of all things).
Don't expect "caring" behavior no matter how much they claim they care. Caring is an action. The word "caring" describes the action, or the person who is doing those actions. It's not a vague adjective like "sweet" or "nice" that describes how a person talks or comes across.