Red Flag: Causing Harm To Animals

Red Flag for Sociopathy
(Not necessarily for classic Narcissism, but it can go together)

Having a lack of remorse about injuring or killing animals, either wild or domestic, or for polluting the environment.

An absence of empathy for animals who are in pain or sick.

Getting an apparent charge from damaging or killing living things (including plant life).

Sociopaths often cover this up by announcing that they're ridding the environment of pests, and it seems to work on most people, since so many humans are fearful of different types of animals. But there's a difference between exterminating termites that are destroying a house, and poisoning birds because they're supposedly "annoying".  

There's a huge difference between an invasive, large rat population, and some field rats and mice in the back of a yard.

Big difference between a population of rattlesnakes near a school, and black racers (who aren't poisonous and eat rats) that live nearby.

Parents who are sociopaths tend not to teach their children empathy toward animals either, nor respect toward them. They tend to expose their children to acts of cruelty and abuse toward animals.

For example a non-sociopath who takes their daughter fishing would automatically teach and model about being very careful not to cause injury to a fish, and how to deal with the feeling of remorse when a fish does get injured, which ones are to keep, and how to "clean" them without making them suffer, and also what the POINT of fishing is, the reason for it.  

A sociopath (or very immature) parent who takes their daughter fishing may get a CHARGE out of their daughter's reactions to everything, and try to scare her or "gross her out". If she doesn't react the way they want her to (she doesn't get scared or grossed out), they'll likely try HARDER, perhaps by purposely injuring fish they catch, or torturing small animals to use for "bait", or feigning pushing her off the dock or the boat, or they'll get bored. If they also have classic Narcissism as well, they might get annoyed with her, like she's doing something "wrong" by not reacting, and they'll probably drone on and on about their "knowledge" and "skill", probably keep "disciplining" her every move, and they're also likely to compete with her in number of fish caught or sizes of fish caught (even if she's five years old). 

They won't be teaching much, if anything, about the balance of nature, respect for the wildlife and environment, respect for the fish, care or empathy for the fish, careful treatment of fish both released or kept, or WHY fishing is done.

Hunting is the same way, there is responsible hunting and there is irresponsible hunting. If one does not understand the difference, it's likely because they have not been exposed to responsible hunting. When a person with functioning empathy grows up seeing sociopathic and immature "hunters", it's understandable that one would believe hunting to be simply a sick, Narcissistic activity. Because sociopaths and Narcissists who "hunt" are usually doing it for reasons of Hubris and Ego, showing off, fitting in with a clique, (or just a sick fascination with snuffing out life or causing injury), and don't have any respect or care for animals, or for other human beings (especially for those who aren't in their clique).

Sociopaths have no problem putting pets "to sleep", they'll even often do that BEFORE exploring any caregiving options.
Just like using the excuse of "eradicating vermin" when killing random wildlife, they'll also use the excuse of "stopping the suffering" for euthanasia.

Again, very big difference between a cat or a dog who is ACTUALLY suffering and has no hope of a life not wracked by pain, or who is ACTUALLY "terminal" and will suffer horribly until death, and a cat or a dog who needs care that will cost money or take some effort or time.

Sociopaths tend to see their pets as objects, like cars, not like living creatures like others do. So when the car isn't new and pretty anymore, or if it needs work, you trade it in, you don't "waste money and time fixing it".

This unfortunately can include "professional" pet caregivers.  Veterinarians or technicians, a pet store owner or employee, or an Animal Control officer, or a farmer, zoo workers, or staff or officers of Animal Rescue organizations can be sociopaths just as easily as anyone else.
Being a sociopath would not STOP them from seeking such jobs or careers; their motives for doing things are not the same as those with functioning empathy. Which is one of the reasons they so often fly under the radar. (Who would imagine a Veterinarian to have a lack of empathy for animals? Would would even speculate? But think about Teachers who did NOT become Teachers because they love children.)