Why The World Is Screwed Up... And Why It Always Has Been

The world is screwed up because Humans generally are extremely dramatic, very over-confident, don't know how to separate their intellect and actions from their emotions,  desire control, power, attention and recognition (praise), tend toward narcissism (caring about one's gain, comfort, and control over the well-being of others), and are just not very bright altogether. 
That's all there is.
It's not complicated.

Destruction is obviously stupid, hostility and aggression belong in a cage not walking around on the street or in homes or in government or business, killing other humans in order to gain territory, or for any other excuse  is obviously stupid and sick, enslaving other humans is idiotic, cruel and sick, rape shouldn't even exist, abusing other humans whether they're children or adults is obviously sick and twisted, extortion is obviously narcissistic, manipulation is obviously wrong, gossip and slander and libel are obviously wrong for a multitude of reasons, and yet humans do ALL THESE THINGS ALL THE TIME to other people.
NOT EVERYONE DOES THESE THINGS, but more than will admit to it, and still others will even defend these behaviors and actions, like there's nothing wrong with them.

Find people who have inner integrity if you want a real friend or someone genuine to talk to who doesn't have agendas or prejudices against whatever you are (sex, race, height, color, nationality etc etc), they're few and far between but they're worth looking and waiting for.