Psych Wards: Helpful, Or Dangerous? Depends Who's Running It

Many psych wards are filled with young people who's Narcissistic parents loved them right into the ground, and then handed them over to "health care professionals" who happily agreed to label the young person "defective", and blame them for ALL the problems, both in their own lives and in the family, and then proceed to give them drugs and electric shock therapy in order to continue and strengthen the control over them, instead of helping them heal the effects of living in an abusive or neglectful family and/or community, and empowering them.

This used to be a practice for Narcissistic husbands to target their wives as well. The fields of psychiatry and medicine were populated by mostly men, and many enjoyed believing that women were inferior creatures, (see, that's the reason men were doctors and women were not... ...and yes, they were actual adults who came up with that kind of rationalization.. ) so the Narc. husbands had an easier time back then contacting a male psychiatrist who was ready, willing, and eager to diagnose the unstable, babbling, 'headstrong' woman with some sort of severe mental illness, and put her in a ward, and give her "medicine" or "therapy".

This is not a "conspiracy rant", it's reality.

That wasn't really that long ago, a lot of those people are still alive and well, the culture is still quite influenced with that sort of superiority thinking. Only now, not only are there still a lot of caucasian men who want to be superior because they're men, but there are also plenty of others "kinds" of humans who want to join their RANKS, because they have a medical degree, or some other degree or title. (Or for whatever reason.) So if they can't be superior due to being a caucasian male doctor, because they're not a man, or they're not white, then they'll pick something else that works for them, (like their degree, title, or job.)

Having innate superiority, for whatever reason, means your WORD is like "God's Word", and no one can question it, your word is absolute truth, law, and accuracy.


If I diagnose her with Bipolar, then that's what she has, and there is NOTHING ELSE GOING ON in her life.
If I say her past doesn't matter, then that's all there is to it.
If I like her family or her parents, or her partner, then they didn't act abusively or neglectfully toward her, it's all HER.
If you're her friend or relative and you want me to listen to more information about her, her past, and her life, I'm probably going to tell you to go away, because I already figured it out! So shut up, you!
If your information contradicts my diagnosis and decisions, I'll just label YOU "crazy" too!

Of course not all psychiatrists or other professionals do this, or are Narcissistic, but there are enough of them that they have a huge direct effect on the ones who actually CARE and RESPECT patients, and who know what they're doing.

A psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, any sort of MD, oncologist, surgeon... nurse or therapist, or anyone else who works with humans (like school workers), who has arrogance or know-it-all issues, and is more concerned about their career and image than their patients, can be very dangerous to their patients, clients or students, and in the psychology fields especially there are very few checks and balances.

In the case of an oncologist, for example, if the patient is diagnosed "terminal", then what kind of consequences are there going to be for the oncologist if the patient dies? ... the anwer is zero...

On the other side of this coin, there are also those psych. workers and school workers who will jump to the conclusion that everything that's "wrong" with a person is the fault of the parents, or one parent. They can be just as dangerous, because they also have a "know it all" problem, and apparently don't understand exploration, information gathering, or objective observation, and will base their treatment of the person on their own assumptions and beliefs, instead of whatever is really going on.

Protect yourself, protect your kids, because Narcissists won't, regardless of their relationship with you, or their job.