a. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.
b. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.
c. Of, relating to, or characteristic of liberalism.

A REAL "Liberal" would WANT to hear what a Conservative has to say, and anyone else. REAL Liberals don't reject a person's POV or opinion BEFORE they speak, because of the body they were born in, the religion they belong to, the party they joined, or the color of their skin or hair. Not because of the money in their bank account, or the job they have or don't have, or what they have said before. A REAL Liberal PRESERVES Freedom.
REAL Liberals can listen to any Point Of View without buying into it. REAL Liberals don't follow blindly.  They also don't reject blindly. A REAL Liberal wound never vote solely because they were emotionally attached to a PERSON, or to an IDEAL, or because it made them feel good to belong to a PARTY or a CLUB.

That means that a real Liberal would STAND UP for another person's right to their religious beliefs and practices, and be AGAINST any government sanctions that took other people's rights away, or freedoms. Real Liberals are for LESS government, minimal control over people's rights, freedoms, and lives, and equal and fair treatment of all citizens, including those they don't agree with or LIKE.

A REAL Liberal woman would NOT compete with or attack another woman based in jealousy or envy. She would not compete for a man's attention with another woman to the point of pain and drama, she would not try to HURT another woman to get what she wants. She would always have the goal of PEACE and CIVILITY as her priority, as well as FREEDOM and FAIRNESS for herself and for OTHER WOMEN, even those she was jealous or resentful of. She does NOT seek power over men, and she does NOT allow men to have power over herself or other women.

A REAL Liberal man would NOT compete with or attack another man based in jealousy or envy, he does not try to DOMINATE, to gain POWER over others, or win territory over others. He DOES NOT always think he's right, he does not always think he's smarter than everyone else, he WANTS to hear and understand what OTHER PEOPLE'S points of view are, including men he disagrees with, AND WOMEN. A REAL Liberal man does NOT go along with male superiority, he sure as hell does NOT think of men as being a "certain way" and women being another, and he is not RACIST. A REAL Liberal man WANTS WOMEN to be treated LITERALLY equally, INCLUDING the women he doesn't LIKE, or women his wife is JEALOUS OF, and WOULD NOT go along with smearing, insulting, badmouthing, ostracizing, or bullying. A REAL Liberal man recognizes and stands up FOR anyone who gets treated with disrespect, and does not engage in it, he would find it DISTASTEFUL in his OWN MOUTH.

Believing that one's own point of view is the ONLY correct point of view on a topic is NOT "Liberal", rejection of other people because they have a different point of view is DEFINITELY NOT "Liberal". HATE is NEVER "LIBERAL".

Trashing people who belong to a different Political Party is DEFINITELY NOT "Liberal", Class Warfare NOT LIBERAL.

Trying to take away the right to bear arms, DEFINITELY NOT LIBERAL.

Bigotry against people who are physically different than one's self DEFINITELY NOT LIBERAL.

Trying to destroy Christianity or another belief is SO FAR FROM LIBERAL it's not even funny.

Trying to USE Christianity or any other belief to dictate who is "superior" or deserving or Godly is NOT LIBERAL EITHER.

Men who believe they're superior to women: NOT LIBERAL.

Women who believe they're superior to men: NOT LIBERAL.


There is a whole crew of people who are NOT LIBERAL, who label themselves as "Liberals".
The definition of "Liberal" is about preserving RIGHTS and FREEDOM for EVERYONE, ALL. That means ALL. Not just the people who are like me, or like you, or who AGREE, or who I think is "COOL" or who YOU think is "COOL".
Taking away people's rights and freedoms IS NOT LIBERAL, it's "AUTHORITARIAN" and "STATIST" and "FASCIST". (Political for CONTROL FREAK.)

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