Shine On You Crazy Diamond

There are those in our lives that we often wish could know the way we truly see them in our hearts.

They seem to behave in such a way that shows they think us naive, or dull, or dimwitted, to see them as such brightly shining lights.

They seem to feel annoyed that we are not fixated on the dark armor they try to cover their light with.

They don't understand, I suppose, that their light is not of their own making, and the armor and weaponry they keep wielding can not cover it up, or put it out.

They also must not understand that their light is infinitely more powerful than any darkness, and has the power to burn away the pain and heartbreak if only they would stop kicking dirt on it, and wearing armor to blot it out.

They must not understand basic physics either. When we shine on and share our light with the light of others, and help them to shine, and protect them from dirt-kickers, we shine brighter and brighter ourselves, and the whole life we are living in gets brighter, and warmer, and brighter still.
(In a parallel circuit, more power is provided to the lights. Power = V2/R . The resultant resistance of the circuit is lower, and the potential difference is not divided as in a circuit in series. Thus, lights in parallel burn brighter.)

We often wish they could see themselves through our eyes, perhaps they would see that it is safe to take off their armor, put down their weapons, and shine with us.