Balancing The Scales Of Anger

It can feel totally unfair and not "right", but we come to a realization at some point that we need to balance the scales.

On the one side we have anger and indignation, even rage at the way we've been treated, which is all completely valid and belongs to us legitimately. Those bricks are heavy, and we can keep piling them on till the sun goes down, and every one of them is valid and true. No reason to take them off the scale, they're real, they've been earned.
On the other side of the scale we have the light, airy feathers of peace, forgiveness, love and healing, which can seem insignificant and even silly because they seem to weigh hardly anything. The bricks of anger must be more important, because they weigh so much more. We can feel them in our hand, we can feel gravity with them. The soft feathers of peace and healing are so light, we can barely feel them, they don't seem to make a dent even if we throw them as hard as we can.

How does one balance a scale without removing the heavier weight on one side? The other side needs to be filled up. A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of sand. How many grains of sand do we need to make a pound? Probably many more than we would need to make a pound of feathers. If every moment of stress makes a grain of sand, and we've piled up that much sand to make that many bricks that weigh a ton WITHOUT EVEN TRYING, then what would happen if we TRIED to make the feathers of peace and healing, how much faster would the process go?

Can we make more anger-bricks at the same time we are making healing peace feathers? Probably, since we don't really have to try to make the sand and the bricks. But if we're not making feathers, we're still going to be making those bricks; we have HELP making those bricks. Certain others will make them FOR us if we let them. How much help do we have making the feathers? We have to put some effort into making them, and looking for easier ways to make them, and looking for people who can help us make them.

We can balance the scales if we put our minds and hearts to it,  if we put our focus on and embrace making feathers, and if we figure out and remember who we know that likes to make bricks, and who likes to make feathers. ♥