Point Of View

Seeing the world only through the Point Of View of "What I Am", physically, is a developmental delay. It means I have not matured past a certain childhood age.
>In other words, if I only think of "real people" as those who are the same sex as me, or the same race, age, and background as me, I am not fully mature. So when I write or speak, I communicate as if the only  people listening are exactly like ME, and no one else matters, or is REAL.

Severe Narcissists will commonly tell sexist jokes, racist jokes, use derogatory sexist language, all as if it's NORMAL, as if the WHOLE WORLD is racist and sexist, with supremacy issues, just like them.

It is common for Narcissistic people to speak in only male or female point of view, and write in only male or female point of view, as if the ONLY people who matter are those who are exactly like them, physically. They also often do this with their race.
They will often have the EXPECTATION and assumption that their interests, preferences, and life experiences can ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD by those who are physically the SAME as they are. So if they are a man and they like to FISH, they actually seem to believe that FISHING is a MALE-ONLY thing, and women wouldn't "get it". It has to be, right? Because THEY like to do it, and they are a man, and they are superior; therefore men are superior, and fishing is superior, so they go together...
If they are a woman and they like to GARDEN, then they actually seem to believe that gardening is a FEMALE THING, and only women could like or appreciate gardening.

This is where it gets interesting, however~
Since Narcissists are obsessed with illusions of hierarchy, whichever sex they think is "superior" will be treated with more respect. SO, if the culture is Matriarchal, a MALE narcissist will give more credit and respect to women than to other males. Obviously, female narcissists would revel in being considered "superior" by both sexes.
If the culture is Patriarchal, it's reversed, a FEMALE narcissist will give more credit and respect to MEN than to other females. Obviously, the same applies; male narcissists revel in being considered "superior".
And to make yet another addition~ the above is not universal, because narcissists are also prone to prejudice and team playing, so if they are prejudice against one sex, it won't matter which one is considered 'superior' by the society at large, they will devalue that entire gender. Or race, if that's their prejudice. Or both. And, even if THEY ARE that gender or race.

Bias for one's own sex shows up more commonly in males than females, again due to social learning. Male narcissists don't need to learn how to treat females with respect in order to get along in many cultures, and may not have even been taught to- but female narcissists do, and are usually taught that showing respect for males is necessary and important in order to fit in. Narcissists often immerse themselves in the fictional "hierarchy" around them, even exaggerating it, sometimes to the point of cartoonishness.