Bias And Power

There is always bias for one sex and bias against the other if the culture has a power imbalance. Whichever sex holds the power of wealth, decision making, and governing is the one that people are taught to have bias for.

It is no different than racial power imbalance, religious power imbalance, or ancestral power imbalance. Whichever race, sex, religion, or ancestry holds the most power in a given region is who is held up as smarter, wiser, funnier, more endearing, more powerful, and more deserving of sympathy, "fairness", "justice", help, attention, and resources.

The reason for this is conditioning; one generation after another learns by growing up within a given culture to think of others in a certain light according to their race or sex. It is learned mostly by just modeling; the way adults conduct themselves day to day is called "modeling" when children are anywhere in the vicinity, and this is how children's beliefs about what is NORMAL are developed. So even if a child's inner "moral compass" tells them that something is wrong with this picture, their brain is still learning what "normal" is by the way everyone behaves around them, and the child will still reflect their biases in his or her thinking and behavior as the child grows.

Humans like to rationalize their biases, they will come up with all kinds of "reasons" why one person is treated one way, and another person is treated another way, but none of it would hold water in an objective scientific observation. For example giving more resources to one sex than the other, or one race than the other, proves only one thing: that there is bias for that sex or race. The argument usually goes something like "Well they NEED those extra resources because they have more responsibility, and they need to learn more." But in reality, neither sex nor race has MORE responsibilities than the other. This might be hard for some people to understand, because of their conditioning, which is why it keeps going, and going, and going.

The fact is, whichever group has been holding more power and bias is not going to want to give any of it away. They have throughout history fought tooth and nail to hold on to any extra bias they have acquired, regardless of how it affects others. Power is addictive, and makes one feel SAFE and SECURE. It makes one feel entitled to more PROTECTION in a harsh world. It makes one feel entitled to control others, and to be served by others, and to be treated as ABOVE others.

Those who belong to the group that is biased FOR do not have full support of everyone like they would in a balanced community. There is much more competition for "status", which can include vicious and cruel tactics. Severe bullying and sabotage toward other members of the group is common. Likewise, in the groups that the culture is biased against, there is also more bullying and vicious competition for status within the group. More competing all around, more power plays all around; less cooperation, teamwork, support, and accomplishment.

From the point of view of ones who hold power and bias:
IF everyone is considered "equal", then there will be no one serving, no one taking a backseat, no one doing the tedious work, no one filling the seats in the audience and cheering, no one laughing at my jokes, no one believing whatever I say and taking me seriously, no one protecting me from others or from my own mistakes. Everyone will be competing, driving, running the business, making decisions, and on stage. Everyone will be judging me just as harshly as they judge others, and everyone will have the same knowledge, so I can't say I know something that I don't, and I can't say someone else DOES NOT know something. No one will be there to blame for things that go wrong.
If EVERYONE is recognized for their actual REAL STRENGTH and intelligence, then there will be no one to call "LESS THAN ME" or "LESS THAN US", and no one to use as a doormat or stress relief, and no one I can force into doing my bidding, because they will stand up for themselves, and someone else will stand up for them.

And that all means someone might get forced into sitting in the backseat or the audience, or held accountable, or have to take care of others and do tedious work, or be a sidekick instead of a leader, and that person might be me... So I'm going to hold on to this bias with all my might, and I'm going to make sure that I am supportive of those who are like me, so we can hold onto this power together. Anyone who tries to say we should share it I will rail against, belittle, and condemn with everything I've got.

Whichever sex or race is given a wider berth in personal space, whichever sex or race children are taught to fear retribution from, whichever sex or race is treated with more "respect", whichever sex or race is held up as having more capability and skill, is the always the one that the culture is biased FOR, and is holding onto the imbalance of power.

In cultures where this power imbalance exists, there is much larger incidence of drama, more crime, more violence, and more mental and emotional illness due to the volatile behavior in the community.

In a balanced culture, there is no disparity in treatment or respect regarding sex or race. Since there is much less dramatic struggle for power, there is much more peace, much more accomplishment, and much less crime and violence.