Delusions Of Grandeur And Status

That feeling of "hierarchy" in the social groups in the community is created first in childhood by the actual, real hierarchy that's supposed to exist in a family. Parents are the head of the household, of course. Then, there is an actual hierarchy that's supposed to be there at school because of the way it was set up, with the principal at the top, then the vice principal, then the faculty. In co...llege there is a similar hierarchy that was set up. There is hierarchy that's set up in government, and in businesses.
Hierarchies are set up purposely for specific reasons, such as streamlining efficiency and delegating tasks, making decisions and plans, and carrying them out.
Each group does NOT have the same exact hierarchy system, nor are they conducted in the same way. Some are more democratic, some are more dictatorial, some work better than others, mostly depending on the individuals involved.

What is not a REAL hierarchy, but a fictional one, is the one people make up in their heads according to their own social conditioning and emotional issues.

If there is a business that is owned by a small man, for example, he is the actual "boss". If he hires a man who is larger than him, or even more experienced than him, he is STILL the "boss", not the man he hired.
If the owner of the business is a small woman, then she is the actual "boss". If she offers a partnership to a person who's a man, he doesn't get to be HER boss just because he's male. When they hire employees, the employees are bound to listen to BOTH of them, equally, they don't just get to listen to one or the other depending on their own personal emotional issues. If they do, then they are not doing their job, and should probably be let go because they are a liability to the business instead of an asset.

If the head of the PTA is a younger or smaller woman, then she is the head of the PTA, period, and those who try to dominate over her are displaying serious emotional problems.

If the Principal or Dean of a school is a slightly built man, then he should be treated with the same exact respect that he would if he were 6'5" and 240 lbs. Anyone who can't handle that is displaying emotional problems.

Humans frequently create pretend hierarchies in their imaginations because it gives them fictional excuses to treat one person better or worse than another.
Everyone will stop talking and listen to Ted when he speaks, shares his opinion, or tells stories, but they just keep talking right over Jerry, no matter what. They will say things like "well it's because he's so smart" or "because he's so experienced", but it's not that at all.

It's really because they are building an imaginary hierarchy so that they can have their OWN place in it.

Healthy groups, businesses, and institutions, including families, don't do dramatic power struggles, because no one is vying for illusory "power" over anyone else. No one is trying to dominate or oppress, no one is putting one person on a pedestal as "super cool' and "more worthy", and throwing another under the bus, or trying to belittle or shun them. Because the individuals are all mentally and emotionally healthy, they know the difference between a REAL hierarchy that was set up in order to get things done well and keep things going, and a FAKE hierarchy that is based on emotional issues such as desire for control over others, ego, cronyism, and desire for approval and recognition.