What The ~ Happened To Discernment?

Just because something is supposed to be clever or intellectual doesn't mean it's good, or good for you, or good for the minds of children. Just because you can do something doesn't mean it should be done, and just because you feel something doesn't mean you should act on it.

What happened to the human brain, anyway?

Don't make 12 year olds watch "The Lottery", or 13 year olds read books that would depress a Tibetan monk, or let 9 year olds watch rated R movies, use some sense. Don't listen to songs about being severely depressed or being a "loser", quit listening to lyrics about violence and hate and then complaining that your life sucks because the world sucks. Whatever you feed the brain, whatever the mind is engaged in, that's what it remembers... that's what it absorbs...helloooo... how else did you think it worked? You're just born the way you'll be when you're 45 or 70? DUH! Quit feeding your brain and your kids' brains depressing input, and then wondering why "Kids are the way they are", or why the "World is screwed up"...! That's like eating donuts every hour on the hour and complaining that you've gained weight! "It's the woooorld making me gain weight...." No, it's you stuffing your own face with donuts.

Venting about real things and learning about real things are important; filling the air and bombarding ourselves with melodrama is a completely different thing.