Tolerance For One Mouth, Intolerance For Another

Tolerance and approval for one person and not another is RARELY, if ever, based on their actual behavior or actions. The filters through which human beings assess one another are more like a series of personal prejudices, emotional and mental triggers from childhood and adolescence, and ego inflammations.

This is extremely obvious if you pay any OBJECTIVE attention to the media, and the public's reaction to individuals in the media. That is, if you're capable of objectivity. Many humans are not.

When one political commentator rants on and on, they get a bigger time slot and more fans. When another one rants on and on, they get blasted with criticism and contempt. It's extremely obvious, and yet humans will deny it with their last breath.
Which one gets the time slot and which one gets the criticism and contempt? It's got NOTHING to do with their actual behavior, or what they're saying. It has EVERYTHING to do with the very conditioned and ego based biases that human filter everything through.

Who are your favorite political commentators? What do they have in common, PHYSICALLY?
Who are the ones you can't stand? What do THEY have in common, PHYSICALLY?

What are their ages, their gender, body type, weight, race, skin color, hair color and style, and accent?

We can rationalize all day long that it's about WHAT THEY SAY... but deep down we know that wegive MUCH MORE CREDENCE to what one says than the other. We overlook their bullying and condescension toward others, but we MAGNIFY the bullying and condescension of the commentators we DON'T like.
Therefore we don't actually LISTEN TO what they're saying, whether we like them or not. We filter everything, so if we like the person we excuse and rationalize their negatives, and if we don't, we magnify their negatives. We even make things up! We even idealize and overvalue the ones we like, and devalue the ones we don't!

Since humans have such a hard time with objectivity, it is exceedingly rare for a person to actually take in real information from others. We spin EVERYTHING to make it either BETTER or WORSE than it actually is. We do this with people we know, and people we don't know. It doesn't matter. If we want to listen to others objectively, we have to learn what our own biases actually ARE, and learn the difference between bias and reality. But few humans are willing to do that, sadly.