Hostile Communities Vs. Safe Communities

The safer a region is, the less anxiety all individuals have about going about their day alone.
The more hostile and unsafe a region is, the more individuals will seek company in their activities.
So in a safe community, you will see single individuals of all sizes, appearances, and both sexes, going to places and participating in activities, holding all kinds of jobs, performing all kinds of creativity, learning and doing all kinds of tasks. 

In a hostile and unsafe community and region, you will see people paired and grouped, usually separated by race, sex, and background, even appearance, clothing, and age. Those who don't have someone with them when they are doing something are often seen as "weird" or "strange" in hostile communities, for example a woman alone at a movie, bar, or restaurant in such a community is often whispered about, as is a man who walks his dog in the park alone. Much like the child who eats alone in the school cafeteria is picked on if there are bullies in the school. If there were no bullies, no one would pick on the child at all, and no one would ostracize the child either. 

In hostile and unsafe communities, people often judge others negatively in sexist and racist ways.

In a safe community, jobs and activities rarely exclude members of a sex or race. In an unsafe community, it is the "norm" to exclude members of a sex or race in jobs, tasks, activities and groups.
Local high schools, public service departments, businesses, local churches, clubs, and local sports can be used as a barometer. Is there really diversity, or do people just pretend there's diversity, but actually group themselves and their children together by sex, race, financials and ancestry? How common is it for kids to feel left out? How high is the graduation rate? How much do adults separate youth based on gender? How high is the drug use, the crime, the domestic abuse, and the prostitution? How high is the overall success rate of the individuals in the community, not just certain members of certain groups? How much nepotism is there, and how much sex bias and race bias is there in employment and business hierarchy?