Why Narcissists Reject People

The reason a narcissist will reject a person is not because they actually did something wrong, heinous, cruel, traitorous, or evil.
It's usually the other way around.
The narc. who owes you money and doesn't want to pay you back will reject YOU. They will act as if you deserve to get rejected because you are a terrible person; they will probably slander your name, barrage you with accusations of being a bad person, and might even threaten you. They will tell whoever will listen that you did something wrong with the money. (Picture a scared rabbit trying to desperately get away from a dog who has cornered him or her, scrabbling and jumping wildly, doing anything to escape. Narcs. feel trapped when they owe someone for anything, so if they think it will work, they will try to turn the whole thing around as if the person they owe is some kind of predator, crazy, or heavy, and they are the real "victim".)
The narc. who backstabbed and lied about you either for fun, or to try to make you look bad in order to make themselves seem better by comparison ~ will reject YOU if you find out about it, or if they're afraid you might find out about it. They can NOT TOLERATE getting caught doing something wrong, so they twist it and turn it around and, again, try to make the entire situation look like YOU are the one who did something wrong to THEM.
The narc. who physically assaulted you in some way, either as an adult or a child, will reject YOU. Again, they CAN NOT TOLERATE getting seen as doing something wrong, so they twist and turn the real events into a backwards version where YOU are the one who instigated, started, or caused the assault.

People who are either biased FOR the Narc, or AGAINST you, will believe every word the Narc says, before they even get to the end of the Tall Tale. And even if they doubt the whole story, they will still refuse to believe that you had no blame in the situation, and will still want to believe that the Narc's actions were justified somehow.

"Well I can't blame him for not paying him back, he wasn't very nice to him..." Even if that was true, "not being nice" is not a REASON to shaft a person for money.

"Well I can understand why she punched her, she can be snotty." Please... do they seriously think it's okay for someone to punch THEM every time they sound "snotty"? No, just that person they don't like... not themselves...(oh and THEY NEVER sound snotty...EVER.. to anyone... ever...they are perfect...)

"Well I can understand why he cheated on her, she would drive any man crazy." Hate/judge much? Betrayal is a CHOICE. If the person can't control themselves, then they need to be medicated and put under supervision, they should not be walking around free among the general population. Betrayal is quite popular among sociopaths and other narc. humans, as is blaming the victim of a betrayal.