About Children

Expecting children to mature beyond the example their elders set for them makes no sense. Fortunately, many do anyway, seeking role models and guidance from other sources. Unfortunately, some meet up with the wrong people in their search, and end up in worse circumstances than they were already in, because there was no way to know what they were getting into. For a child who is seeking mentors and... guidance, this IS their first rodeo, so they have no idea, and no way to know who is genuine and who's a manipulator. Blaming children for mistaken steps on their paths as if they're adults who 'should have known better", especially when they have no adults who are grown up enough to guide them in a constructive way, is one of the more blatant signs of immaturity. 


 "I’m always saddened when children and young adults are treated disrespectfully – even though being young is a passing human condition, children can grow into life-long Friends. I believe that if You want to be Friends with a child or an adolescent, listen to what they have to say. Be interested in what they do. Treat them like the interesting human beings they are. In our society respect is mos...t often linked to hierarchy. It seems that You are expected to be respectful to those ‘above’ You, but nobody seems to care if You treat those You consider ‘below’ You with familiarity or even disdain. Well, that doesn’t work for making Friends! How about treating everyone with respect if they have earned it ...including children and young adults? I like that much better."

~Denise Pinto Chenier