Categorizing Human Beings

Labeling, categorizing, and grouping is good for those with Narcissistic agendas.

Another product of growing up in a dysfunctional environment, whether it was family or community, is being 'taught' that people belong in CATEGORIES. This categorizing puts people in GROUPS, and FORGETS that they are individual human beings.

The "rich people", the "poor people", the "criminal people", the "churc...h people", the "politician people", etc, etc.

People also get categorized by race and sex.

Other CATEGORY groups can include "druggies", "yuppies", "working stiffs", "bikers", "preps", "gangbangers", "hippies", "ruling class", "losers", "winners", ~ the list goes on and on.

Entire generations get labels put on them, usually by someone who is NOT part of that generation; someone who has no way to know what the individuals in that age group experienced growing up. (Narcissists believe they can see completely from someone else's point of view, and also see everything there is to see about any given subject; it doesn't occur to them that they CAN'T.)

This habit of categorizing people is simply the brain's way to turn people into members of groups, and ignore their individuality, making it easier for the mind to deal with all the different people around us. The brain simply DELETES REAL information about other people, and wraps them in an easy-to-swallow story that feels good to the ego.

On the other side of this same coin, people often put THEMSELVES in groups in order to FIT IN, to be seen as a certain "KIND" of person, and to be accepted by their community AND/OR their peers. Often the goal includes being admired or respected above others. ("I am one of THESE people, so you should respect/admire/fear/accept me, and therefore automatically give me better treatment").

A large majority of people will automatically treat others differently if they think they're part of a GROUP, (any group, even as simple as sex or race), for GOOD or for ILL.
Also, members of any group will usually treat a member differently than a non-member.
The less secure individuals feel in a given community or group, the MORE they behave this way.

The more Narcissists there are in a given area, the more common it is for the people in the area to put group labels on other people. Also, the more likely people in that area will try to make themselves known as belonging to a certain group, because it affords some protection from Narcissist targeting (any kind of group at all, from the Masons to the Junior League, to the Tennis Club, to organized crime groups, to the local gang, to less organized cliques and groups where everyone dresses similarly, talks similarly, and does the same activities). Narcissists are less likely to target individuals who appear to have some kind of support network, and human beings LEARN THIS while they're growing up, even if they're not consciously aware of it.

Ironically... the increase in an area of people seeking to be seen as part of a group, and labeling other people, actually makes it EASIER for Narcissists to keep control in that area. Each group, large or small, has a leader, and that's what Narcissists do best, control other people. If there is a Narc. in the group, he or she WILL try to take the Leader position, regardless of their actual level (or lack thereof) of experience, knowledge, or ability.

To combat the ease of which Narcissists gain control, we can start with ourselves by becoming more vigilant about labeling and grouping others, and about labeling and grouping ourselves. When we aren't doing it anymore, when we start remembering that each person is an INDIVIDUAL, and not merely a member of a category or group, then we can teach and model this for others, especially children.

When Narcissists are around, the real abilities, behaviors, and character of all individuals get covered up and buried, so that Narcissists can end up looking like the most capable, the most noble, the most innocent, and the most intelligent. Those who the Narcissists are competing with get painted as incapable, weak, unstable, and untrustworthy. So, when EVERYONE is recognized as an individual person by the majority, and not some kind of clone that fits into a certain group, then the real abilities and capabilities can be seen by all, AS WELL AS the real agendas and behaviors.