The Myth Of Power

There is a certain Myth that all Controllers need others to believe in order to remain in control and maintain "power". How they get people to believe this Myth is not some kind of swift stroke of genius, or hypnosis technique. It's worked into the minds of people, little by little, not just by the one Controller, but by generations upon years of story telling, demonstrations, accidental and purposeful training, and emotional conditioning.
This Myth is the belief that Controllers are entitled to Control, and that they have some kind of internal Power or authority over others.
They know the signals and the behaviors because they learned them by watching and by acting them out on others, testing them, honing them. They learned them the same way anyone learns how to act as they're growing up: from other people. Some of them even learned specific techniques to make others fall for their displays of "authority".
Those who were learning things other than how to look, sound, and act like a Controller were not interested in learning the signals and behaviors, and were too busy doing other things.
The Myth is learned slowly, bit by bit, by each of us as we grow up, so by the time we reach young adulthood, we barely remember what the world looked and felt like before we believed in it.

(To put it starkly, if the kid in front of you in First Grade turned around and took your lunch box out of your hand, you would have either yelled out for the teacher or chased him down and taken it back yourself. When that same kid tries his control tactics on you many years later, he will have learned how to push the right buttons to get you to give him your lunchbox. The reason the buttons are there, but they weren't when you were little, is because of the Myth.)