Your Own World

Imagine yourself on your own planet. You get to make this world into whatever you want it to be, it's your creative project, and it's all about how wonderful your life is, and how beautiful the world is, and how you are helping it to flourish and blossom and grow! This world is God's gift to you, you are the painter, the sculptor, the writer, the songwriter, and the healer. The beauty and the life is yours to appreciate, to enjoy, and to live inside of.

Now, picture every other person on their own planet, all with the same beautiful gifts given to them by God, all with their own paintbrush, their own animal companions, their own living, breathing world that they get to live in and create their own beautiful lives.

Floating over in the distance, you see that some people have lost hold of their world, they're floating away from their personal planets and are drifting aimlessly, lost, scared, and confused. You drift over to them and help them catch their planets again. They are grateful, and you are happy for them.

Everyone's planets resonate with one another, spin around one another, creating the most enchanting, glorious, soothing, harmonious music ever heard. They reflect glints and colors off one another, combining in a complex and spectacular light show.

Someone in the distance seems to be drifting toward you, and you notice that their planet is bigger than the others. As they loom closer, you see that their planet is actually a group of planets that are revolving in a tight cluster around a central planet. Some of the planets around you seem to pull away from you, and drift toward this strange cluster. The person on the central planet is beckoning you. You find it strange and unsettling, and are saddened that some of the others around you who were making beautiful music and lights seem to have drifted into the cluster's gravitational pull. You feel alone, and you want to join them so you can be with them, but you sense that something's not right.

The person on the central planet beckons to you again. You call out 'I don't think I want to join you, thanks anyway". The central planet person begs you, promises you all kinds of things, comforts and extra privileges and powers. You still refuse politely. Suddenly the central planet person begins to throw stones at you, apparently trying to knock you OFF of your planet... some others join him. You start spinning too fast, all you can do now is hold on as tight as you can to your planet so you don't spin off into space and lose hold of your Sacred Gift.

After what seems like a very, very long time, your planet starts to slow down its spin. You look around and find yourself alone, your planet undone, all that you've created and loved and lived seems barely alive. Others float by occasionally, but they stare at you as if you're some kind of strange asteroid who doesn't belong. No one offers to help you rebuild, except for one person who keeps criticizing you and telling you to "get over yourself".

Exhausted, you fall asleep in the ruins of your planet. You dream of wonderful times past, and you also dream nightmares of terrible ordeals.

When you wake up, your planet is still in ruins. No one has come to rescue you, help you, or even offer you rainwater. Everyone who floats by just stares at you like you're some kind of strange object who isn't welcome or wanted.

You drift in space, alone on your rock, for what seems like a lifetime. No one seems to notice, no one seems to care, and you are losing hope that you will ever see life on your planet again. Nothing you do seems to make anything grow. You fear the others who stare at you, you avoid the ones who criticize and point at you, and you worry that the cluster will come back and finish the job.  You are so tired. You are ready to give up, but you don't really want to. You just don't seem able to bring your planet back to life, and you're not sure anymore if it's worth the effort.

Then one day, you feel the warmth of the sun on your back. You turn and look, and remember. The sunlight is just as golden as it's always been, full of life-giving energy. You lay in its rays, soaking up its energy, feeling its warmth, letting yourself remember the beauty you used to live inside of.

The next day, you feel a raindrop on your head. You look up, and there's another planet above you; someone is sharing some of their life-giving raindrops, letting them fall on you and your little planet.

The next day, you notice some little green shoots on one of your trees. You hadn't noticed it before. And there, in what you thought was a dead pool, is a little green frog, and next to it a little green turtle. Over a hill, you notice a tiny red blossom all alone in a patch of dirt. You close your eyes and listen; a song sparrow sings in the distance.

Each day you find a new shoot, a new little blossom, another glorious little life. Each day you feel gratitude for the sun, and the water that turns to life-giving rain. Your planet did not die after all, it was just dormant, resting, waiting for the sun and the rain, waiting for a safe time and space to grow again. You can feel the life slowly coming back, flower by flower, tree by tree, bird by bird, turtle by turtle. You ARE still alive, you always were. You feel blessed, and hopeful.

M.M.Black 2013