Incessant "Advice": Narcissistic Codependent

Codependents with Narcissism are the ones who are constantly forcing "advice" and "help" onto targets with no respect for the real person. They put themselves in the role of "Uber Responsible" and "The One Who Knows", and they put the target in the role of "The Unstable One" "Lazy" "Irresponsible" "Rebellious" and "Loser".
In their minds, everything they do and say is "right", and proves just HOW responsible they are, and that they should receive complete understanding and sympathy for any "mistakes" they make, health issues, or negative events, and nothing a target does is ever good enough, deserves compassion, deserves sympathy or help, or ever shows that they're NOT lazy, unstable, or irresponsible.
Nothing they do is ever seen as a something they should be accountable for, wrong, or sorry for. Basically everything the target does is seen as something they're not doing right, not doing well enough, or is a wrong choice or decision.

They usually have a "back up" circle of people who have similar mindsets, who feed into their image of being "Super Responsible", and who also feed into their projections onto the target. Their circle would consist of people who do the same things as they do; they will also have targets whom they label,  will see themselves as super-responsible and above reproach, and will most likely not see themselves as a person who could use some counseling.

They expect MORE "respect" and recognition for their person, resources, feelings, opinions, accomplishments, gestures, and wants than others, and they give LESS "respect" and recognition than others deserve, especially to targets. They will constantly talk about just how wonderful they are and how wonderful other people think they are, and just how terrible and what a burden their targets are.

They commonly like to imagine that they're "smarter" "bigger" and "stronger", and that targets are "dimmer" "little" and "weak". They exaggerate either their own intelligence or their own physical strength and size, or both, and they minimize and shrink the actual intelligence, strength, and size of others, especially targets. They commonly don't gauge any person within the realm of reality; they always see them as much bigger and stronger or much smaller and weaker than they really are, and treat them accordingly.
(This practice helps to brainwash the youth around them into believing themselves to be either much stronger, tougher, and capable, or much weaker, fragile, and incapable, than they actually are.)

They feel REBELLED AGAINST, ignored, and disrespected when a target does not take their advice, no matter what that advice was. But they will NOT take advice from that same person (because a superior always knows more than an inferior...) If a target dares to give THEM advice, or even shares information, they will take it as "disrespect" or as an "ignorant" talking about something they don't know about.

They feel that every little thing they do is proof that they're one of the "good people", one of the "better people", and everything the target does or doesn't do (in their minds) proves that they're NOT "as good", or one of those "inferior" people. So they feel entitled at all times to try to force their opinion, advice, observations, and invade the target's personal space and life.

They are all "one way" so they don't take in any ACTUAL information about the target as a person, they FILTER all information about the target (and themselves, and their circle) so they ONLY acknowledge anything that perpetuates their fantasy that they are super-responsible, deserving, and above, and the target is irresponsible, illogical, unstable, undeserving, and below them.

They have no desire to change because their mindset is a stage from childhood where they found an overall feeling of comfort and control, and they are not about to give that up.