Aspiring Artists, Musicians, Writers, Actors, Etc., and Dealing With Narcissists

Those who are in "the Arts", especially those who do original work, often find out early about how widespread and severe Narcissistic control can be. The nature of the "Arts" means there is less established structure and hierarchy, and less specific checks and balances determining what's "good work" and what's not (like there is in other fields; if you're in accounting, for example, you know if you did it right, you aren't subject to someone's opinion.) So the free-form nature of the Arts fields attracts Narcissists, and they find it quite easy to prey on those who aspire to build some kind of career in the arts.

One of the very common behaviors one will find in any Arts field is the "Critic". Of course, Narcissists attack what and who they envy, what they feel threatened by, so when someone nearby displays talent and skill, they usually do one of two things: they either latch onto the person, or they try to pound the person down.
Criticizing the person's work, performance, ability and skill is the usual go-to behavior.

Another one is ad hominem, criticizing and insulting the PERSON, and trying to get others to believe they're a "bad person who WE don't like". ... "yeah she's talented, but what a prima dona." or "yeah he's good, but he's just too weird for me."
(If an artist/musician/writer is not a close personal friend, why would anyone be focusing so closely on their personality? Have they actually spent much, or any, real time with the person? Do they do that with their their dentist, or their accountant? Their local government office holders? Do they hire and fire police officers based on whether they personally like to hang out with them or not? Do they refuse to work with their coworkers based on whether they like them or not?)

A very important behavior comes from those who "hold the reins". Obviously any position of control is more likely to attract Narcissists, and that can be found in spades in the Arts because of the lack of consequences.

As a result ~ those who are very talented, very good, very original often run into the ENVY/CONTROL factor. An artist who does not submit to a Narcissistic producer/employer/band leader's commands, demands, whims and ego may be given the whole range of Narc. rage, from threats, to manipulation, to discard, to smearing.

An artist who SEEMS LIKE they won't submit will often be rejected and discarded BEFORE they're even considered by the Narc. producer for work, no matter how brilliant they are, how talented, or how much money they could make the producer or the record label (or the agency, the company, the gallery, etc.)

An artist who the Narc. producer/employer ENVIES will most likely also be discarded or even smeared before they even know that the Narc. producer noticed their existence.
Since most Narcissists are obsessed with CONTROL, with a very high dose of inflated ego, a Narc. in any kind of "leadership" position wants control OVER the artist, and the artist's work and performance. So they would usually rather "work with", "sign", or hire an artist who they think they can control and manipulate. An artist (any arts field) who shows obvious autonomy, independence, and awareness is not desirable to them, even if there was a large potential for money.  For many  Narcissists, having control over another person IS the supply; money is secondary.

Even in a Teacher/Student situation, a Narcissistic teacher will often treat the student with the most talent and potential as if they are a "waste of their time", like they're a "loser", like they're "in the wrong field" or the "wrong class". They'll often treat this student like a burden to them, because the fact is the student IS a "burden", on the Narcissist. Nothing burdens a Narcissist more than having to deal with someone, even a child, who they feel OUTSHINED by.