Control Freak Much? Bratty, Spoiled, Immature Control Freaks Have Always Competed For "King"

People who think that "equality for women" has been a normal part of life for generations are quite mistaken. Equality has never been a "normalcy" in most human societies, neither for sex nor race, EVER. Anywhere.

What it has ALWAYS been, in most human "civilizations", is basically this:
Certain males (not all males, not just random males, but only CERTAIN males) who were GIVEN some kind of "birthright" of "power", mostly because their families or FRIENDS had the most wealth and therefore could buy more weapons and hire more soldiers to help them bully everyone else, were the ones in charge. Usually they were the native race in the country or region, except in the cases where they had destroyed and taken over someone else's country. So there were Caucasian control freaks making themselves into "Kings", and there were African control freaks making themselves into "Kings", Asian control freaks, Polynesian Control Freaks, even Native American control freaks each trying to be the Ultimate Ruler control freak bully psycho, controlling everyone else and making slaves out of other human beings of both other races and their OWN.

Even if one family or "King" knew it was wrong and stupid, he could not let his "rule" fail if he wanted to protect all the people, because there was ALWAYS some control-freak psycho whack-job either trying to kill him personally and take his "crown" and get to be the "King", or trying to take over the whole "kingdom" with weapons and destruction (stupid, yes, and yet.. over and over, and over... ad nauseum).

Not "kind of like", but EXACTLY like, little boys who fight with each other over who gets to be in charge of the cool toy. Not "kind of like", but EXACTLY LIKE.  Those same little boys are the ones who make the "no girls allowed" clubs.
Without a mature adult around to tell them to knock it off or go home, they roll around until someone gets hurt, and the toy gets broken.
It's just basic Homo Sapien Sapien moronic domination behavior, sans intelligent thought process.

This is not speculation, this is how it's been for centuries. People like to try to justify it and glorify it, and make heroes and villains, but the facts are stark and obvious when you don't try to embellish them with b.s. This still goes on in MOST PLACES, in different forms, most of them try to make it look civilized and cover up what's really going on, try to blame someone else, try to make someone else look like the Barbarian, but ... it's still here, alive and well. Some places are still so bad that people don't know if they'll survive from week to week, day to day.

Anyone, male or female, who didn't at least pretend to go along with them got singled out, jailed, killed, or their families torn apart, so... only if you had some way of having huge amounts of wealth where you could hire a bigger army and buy more weapons could you really do anything about it. Otherwise, you either had to run away into the wilderness, take your chances in the desert, probably die, or move somewhere else into the territory of a DIFFERENT bully whack-job control freak.

Our "civilization" in the West is of course much safer than many other places in the past or even in the present, but that's because of one reason and one reason only:

Inequality doesn't just "go away" because it's a "new era" and everyone is "smart now". There's a REASON that the human species has ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS been oppressing it's OWN self. As a species, we're really NOT that bright. As individuals, we can be intelligent, sometimes, but as a species, NOT.


It's a fact.

That's why they get sooooo excited about sporting events where one team is "dominating" the other. Don't like it? TOO BAD, it's the truth. That's why they COMPETE for jobs, promotions, and "top spots" instead of helping each other and sharing resources.
That's why they'll PULL THE RUG OUT from under a person who they feel envy toward, who they feel intimidated by.

That's why so many people create HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS for other people, in order to keep their little group all the same RACE, or all the same SEX. They do it at WORK, at SCHOOL, in SPORTS, in CLUBS, in the ARTS, in GOVERNMENT.
They even allow and encourage little kids to do it on the playground at school and in their neighborhood, and even in their OWN HOME.

"Equality" is not some kind of "given", and when people take it for granted they are displaying tremendous ignorance, about the world, humans, their communities, and their history, both distant and RECENT.

In the US for example, Black MALES were allowed to vote in the mid-late 1800s, and it was the Republican Party, not the Democrat Party, who made that happen. However, FEMALES of all races, including "white", "black", and "Native", were NOT allowed to vote, to participate as full citizens in most states, until 1920 with the 19th Amendment.

1920! Not the 5th century, or the 17th century, or even the 19th century. It was not ratified until the twentieth century! And that was FORTY ONE YEARS after it was drafted in the first place.

And it was only drafted because the language in the 14th and 15th Amendments, the ones that granted blacks the right to vote, BLEW WOMEN OFF. It protected MALE citizens, but NOT FEMALE citizens. Many of the people who fought HARD for the 14th and 15th Amendments to be passed in 1868 and 1870 were FEMALE, so this was a huge, disgusting. pathetic, childish slap in the face, once again, from the same little spoiled, bully control freaks who were already doing it all along anyway.

No less than FORTY YEARS later... Before that, individual states dictated whether women could vote or not, and ABOUT WHAT...


It has not even been ONE CENTURY yet since it was ratified. After that, there was STILL a ton of ridiculous, pathetic, control-freak attempts by CERTAIN people (not all males) to keep women from voting, from receiving education and instruction, and from working, and especially in fields that control freaks wanted for men-only. (Which is just creepy to me.)
People, both men and women, have been dealing with this crap for decades. The Civil Rights Act wasn't even passed until 1964!!! That's practically NOW, people who were alive then are still alive and well NOW. It was just yesterday.

There is STILL, RIGHT NOW, a HUGE amount of sexism and racism in Western Civilization, and the less people who know better take it SERIOUSLY, the more there will be.

Oppression and control-freakism in the human species is EVER PRESENT. It doesn't "go away", EVER. It WAITS for an opportunity to spring right back up, like crab grass, or more appropriately, like a VIRUS. It's unfortunately part of the Human Psyche, it's not some kind of "Era" thing.

Just like all the other Freedoms people have worked and fought so hard for. You SNOOZE, you LOSE.

It's important to understand that there are BOTH men and women who participate in this weird control-freak stuff, and they are men and women of ALL RACES and ancestries. They simply get off on power over other people, and trying to dominate other people, they don't really care WHO they're dominating. The fact that they have someone to oppress, control, and boss around is all that matters. They are getting off on the feeling of bossing others around and controlling them, and they get off on being part of some kind of "elite clique" that they created themselves. THAT'S ALL. They exist now, they always have, and they always will.

It's just basic lower common denominator of Homo Sapien Sapien. Accept it, believe it, don't let anyone talk you into believing it's something from "the past". We don't need to be all doom and gloom about it, let it depress us, let it ruin our day and wreck our future. That's the opposite of what we need to be; that's what all oppressors want; for others to feel weak and defeated and depressed. Just BE AWARE, and don't live in a fantasy world, and for Pity's sake don't be one of those people who tell other people to "Let It Go" or "Stop Dwelling" or "Stop Making Such A Big Deal About It". Seriously, don't be one of those bozos.
Use your own brain, not your social network to view the world.
And remember that you are a real citizen, just like everyone else.

M.Black 2013