Entitlement To Authority

Those with Narcissism traits will inflict their own "rules of conduct" onto others, but will accuse those others of being controlling and rigid for even referring to "rules of conduct", or human social interaction.
Another projection that's related to Narcissistic Injury.

"I'm allowed and entitled to behave rudely according to my moods,  emotions, and whims. I'm entitled to dictate what you can talk about. I'm entitled to treat others disrespectfully, and in a condescending and demeaning way....
"But YOU are NOT permitted to do any of these things, especially to ME. You are also not permitted to stand up to me about the way I treat you or others, because I am entitled to behave in any way that I please. You are challenging my authority, privilege and control over you when you stand up to the way I treat you and speak to you.
"Everything I do and say has a "reason" behind it that is 'innocent', valid, and irrefutable, but everything you do and say must be passed through MY approval, and if I'm not comfortable with it, I will feel entitled to shut you down.
"I am entitled to act and speak of my own volition with no self-checking or feedback from anyone all of the time; you are not, you must be approved of by me, as well as others."

Narcissists feel like they are in the "grown up", "elder", "authority" and "expert" group, and that they get to dictate who is NOT. And, whoever they decide is NOT gets dictated to, judged, punished, and expected to serve and submit to their "authority".