He Doesn't Like Me, But He Won't Let Go

If a person doesn't really like you, doesn't like what you're interested in, counters you when you talk, demeans or dismisses what you say, doesn't want to do things that you want to do, or talk about the things you want to talk about, and isn't motivated to make the effort to spend positive time with you, why would they want you in their life?
Because they can't let go of someone they feel connected to, and they don't care about how the negativity in the relationship affects you.
If they did care, there would be a whole lot of solution seeking, compromise, and genuine communication going on.
They don't want to let go, they don't want to lose the connection, whether they "like" the person or not, but they are not interested in making any effort to maintain or improve the relationship. If they're "content", that's all that matters, there is no worry or care about how the other person feels; the other person is always just "wrong" if they want or need something to change.

This dynamic is very similar to the child (or adult) who adopts a pet, for companionship, for cuddling, for the positive things pets bring, but tries to get out of the daily effort it takes to care for the pet because it's a "pain". They won't give the pet away, but they treat the pet like it's a "burden" that "demands" too much. What they don't seem to understand is that everyone does not share their annoyance with the care of pets; for those who truly care about their pets, caring for them is a joy, and improves their life, it doesn't take away from it.

Pets should not be kept by those who think of them as burdens, as a "pain in the butt", and neither should humans.