Free Will

Recovery from Narcissistic control, trauma, and codependency includes remembering one's own sacred gift of Free Will.

I invite you to speak these sentences out loud.

I invite you to repeat them out loud, as many times as you like, for as long as you like. 

If you are not yet of adult age, then you are not yet entitled to make all of your own choices and decisions, however you are responsible for the ones that you are allowed to make on your own, which would be most of them, every day. When you reach adult age, then you will be fully responsible for all of your choices and decisions.   

"My name is  _____ _____ _____."

I am capable of making my own choices.

I am entitled to make my own choices.

I am capable of the responsibility of my own choices.

I am entitled to the rewards of my own choices."

Sometimes our choices seem to turn out great, and other times they turn out to be mistakes. That's everyone, not just some people.  The gift of Free Will means we are each responsible for learning to think before we act and speak, because we are the ones who either reap the consequences or the rewards, and we are entitled to BOTH. Those consequences are ours to own, and to learn from, as are the rewards we receive from the choices we make. 

Free Will is the sacred gift that each human being is born with. Raising children includes teaching them how to think before they make choices, and respecting their own Free Will as well as that of others. It is our entitlement, our privilege, and our responsibility.