Fear Of Other Groups

Fear of "other" groups, of losing control and power to them:

"Only those who seek control and domination over others recoil when one of those 'others' stands up, speaks out loud, or does something openly visible to express their own thoughts or feelings.
Usually because they fear losing their 'position' of control that they're comfortable in.
Only those with weak or injured boundaries fear indoctrination when others speak. ~

When we get angry or annoyed at something someone has done or said, we can ask ourselves three things:

What are we REALLY upset about?

Did they cause actual harm, or are we just projecting that onto them?

How would we have reacted if one of our own cronies did or said the same thing, or something similar?

(saying "my friends wouldn't have done/said that" doesn't make the question lose credibility, sorry~ it's still valid even if we don't like it.)"