They Don't Like Your Confidence Or Ability

There are a lot of people in the world who don't like it when someone else is strong in themselves. They are dangerous because they don't live their own lives, they live in reaction to others instead. These are the people who focus on controlling, judging, and dominating others instead of themselves.

These people create elaborate, fictional illusions of who they want to be "strong" and who they want to be "weak", all based on their own fantasy world they've made up around their comfort and weakened egos. They need certain people to seem stronger so they can feel SAFE, and certain other people to seem weaker so they can feel SUPERIOR. They want both, "safe" and "superior", and the way they get those feelings is by re-creating their own pretend version of the world.

Whomever they want to be "strong", they will TREAT AS "strong", as if they are VERY strong, and capable, and able to learn quickly. Strong-bodied and strong-minded, they will treat them as. Regardless of the real person underneath.
They will set the person's world up so that they are ensconced in only certain play and certain learning. They will make sure that others treat the person in specified ways that "show respect" toward the person. They will convince the person that this "respect" is their birthright, and that they deserve it more than certain others. This has nothing to do with the other person who is being trained and modeled into believing themselves to be one of the "strong bodied, strong-minded" people, it's all about OTHER people's fictional world designed to make themselves feel safe. 

Whomever they want to be "weak", they will TREAT AS "weak" as if they were born that way, and as if no matter what they did, there's no way for them to prove that they're NOT weak. Utterly regardless of reality.. 
They will set the person's world up so that they are surrounded by and ensconced in only certain types of play and learning; they won't be permitted to learn or experience other things that might show their real strength of body or mind. They are kept separate from those who are being trained to believe themselves to be the "strong ones", in order to prevent direct communication, bonding, genuine competition and camaraderie. They are made to believe, through direct and indirect belittling, that they are not capable of doing things that the "strong ones' can do, and they are prevented, BLOCKED, from proving that they indeed are perfectly capable.

Both those being conditioned to believe themselves to be a "strong one" or a "weak one" are being conditioned for reasons OTHER THAN their own well-being and growth as a human being, and for reasons OTHER THAN "what is good for society". The brainwashing can be so deep and so effective that in a given region, BOTH targets ("strong ones" and "weak ones") can be seen and heard adamantly defending what they believe to be their innate, natural tendencies and capabilities, and lack thereof.

In other words, conditioned individuals NO LONGER STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES and say "I CAN DO THAT! I AM CAPABLE OF THAT!" like they would have in a healthy environment.
They actually have been convinced to believe that they are NOT CAPABLE of learning how to do certain things, because of the category that other people have forced them into.

Since they BELIEVE it, they have internalized it, they won't even TRY TO LEARN, won't even TRY, won't even ATTEMPT to learn something that they've been told only the other people are capable of doing or learning.

Since they have internalized it into their IDENTITY, they will ALSO FORCE THESE BELIEFS ONTO OTHERS. They perpetuate and contribute to the whole fictional, fantastic illusion themselves by playing the part, and projecting the parts onto others. So if someone appears who they think "SHOULD BE" in the "Strong Ones" category, but the person is not behaving like the others, they will try to force them into conforming, or reject them as a human being.

If someone appears who they think "SHOULD BE" in the "Weak Ones" category, and the person is not apparently behaving the same way as everyone else, as a "weak one", (which usually includes feigning a lack of confidence, ability and skill in many things, and deferring to anyone in the 'strong ones' category), there will also be an attempt to FORCE them into behaving like everyone else such as acting inappropriately meek, submissive and self-deprecating. Shame and shunning is almost always immediately used to try to force a person to conform to "weak ones" behavior. Aggression, rejection and threats, sometimes even physical abuse may be used as well, depending on the level of delusional illness on the part of the attacker.