Be Careful Of Narcissists Using Their Own Label To Accuse Or Slander

It's not uncommon for a person who has Narcissism themselves to put the "Narcissist" label on another person and "condemn" them for it. The label of "Narcissism" can be used as a weapon just like any other label that people use to hurt, reject, or slander another person.
Non-narcissists don't seek to reject or destroy others, and most non-narcissists tend to look not for reasons to judge others negatively so they have an excuse to discard or crush them, but for reasons to judge others positively and excuse their human "flaws".

Narcissists, however, do that all the time: seek out reasons to reject or hate another person.
They'll even BAIT another person to get them to reveal things about themselves and their lives so that they can judge them negatively for it, use what they say as "evidence" and ammunition against them.

They're addicted to feeling superior, self-righteous, innocent, and either being The Hero or The Victim (the Knight or the Damsel, the dragon-slayer or the fearful peasant, the Savior or the one who needs to be saved; it's about the starring role in the 'story'.)

Having human "flaws", making mistakes, expressing emotions, displaying confidence, doing what one is passionate about or is good at, and not being socially perfect is not being a "Narcissist", and if it is, then every human alive or dead needs to line up and get stamped with a big red "N".