Matching "Vibes" And Emotional Reactions

One of the symptoms that can be seen in both Codependency and "BPD" is looking for others to match one's own emotions about various things.
If Narcissism is present also, then those who don't "match" one's own emotions about something are considered wrong, bad, crazy, and stupid.

For example I've seen the film Titanic, and so have a lot of people. Each person's emotional reaction to the story and the film is unique, and the level of each person's emotional reactions are also unique.
But if I have boundary issues, I might watch for whether other people's emotional reactions MATCH my own.
I might not LIKE a person based on their emotional reaction toward the film; I might judge a person as "Crazy" if their reaction was stronger than mine, or judge them as "Cold" or "Bad" if their emotional reaction was not as strong as mine, or different than mine. I may only "LIKE" people who's emotions about the film were the same as mine.

This could be seen as part of a natural process of relating with others, but the extreme judging of others and specific matching indicates boundary issues.

Teens and young adults often do this with musical genres, sports, and games, and other things as well.
Whoever matches their emotional reactions and feelings toward certain music, toward sports, or certain games is "okay", but those who don't are not accepted in their group.
The less healthy the youth's boundaries are, the more specific the match needs to be for them to accept another youth.
It often shows up as bias toward members of their own sex and bias against the opposite sex. 

When this keeps up in adulthood, there's likely some kind of disorder or illness going on with the person, which could be from trauma.