Facebook Users Are...

Some people on Facebook post songs, some art, some about government issues, some about animals, some about children, some about social issues, some about food, their family, their trip to Disney, some regarding their recovery from food addiction, drug or alcohol, some post sexist jokes, some post racist jokes, some post about their religion or their spiritual beliefs, some look for things they think are uplifting to post, some vent, some post the things that happen in their lives all day.

Some people go on Facebook to give themselves a brief mental break from work, so it looks like they're on it all day long to those who don't ask them.

Some people are confined indoors or immobile because of their health, and Facebook gives them a way to be in the world that they wouldn't otherwise have.

Some people post very little, and some people post a lot, and some post in-between, and not a single one of them are "wrong".

Some people hit "like" only on things they agree with.
Some people hit "like" to show that they "approve this message".
Some hit "like" to show that they actually like a post.
Some only comment when they want to argue.
Some only comment when they want to give advice.
Some only comment or hit "like" on posts of people they like, and make fun of and judge the posts of people they don't like; they're just pretending to be friends with many of their FB friends so they can look popular.
Some people don't comment or hit "like" when they feel shy about it, or are worried about another certain person seeing it who might be mean.
Some people ignore other people's messages, but pretend to be the person's friend.
Some people are afraid to unfriend someone because that person has shown aggressive or socially manipulative behavior before.
Some use Facebook to stalk or report on others.
Some use Facebook for messaging, because it's free, and to stay in touch.
Some use Facebook to meet people. 
Some use Facebook to promote their craft, whether it be artwork, jewelry, photography, writing, carpentry, their restaurant, music, healing practice, etc.
Some use Facebook to promote their business or their organization.
Some use Facebook to help others.
Some use Facebook to promote awareness of their cause or their passion.
Some use Facebook to play games.
Some use Facebook to build certain areas of their (real) lives and make them stronger and better.

Some hit "like" on other people's posts for the sole purpose of showing friendship and/or support.

Everyone who's on Facebook is "using it" for SOMETHING, we're like a bunch of little kids,
so lighten up, judging what other people are using it for is frankly pretty silly. 

Me, I use MySpace and Twitter...

(not really, I forgot my passwords to both...)
(that's a joke too...I don't use either one of them at all anymore, just in case someone cared ~:)