Hypocrisy Vs. Stupidity

'Hypocrisy' is when a husband whines at his wife for spending the same amount of money on wine as he spends on beer.

'Stupidity' is when the husband buys into believing that because she's a woman, she's not going to like the beer.

'Hypocrisy' is when a female employer who 'fought sexism to get to the top' only hires women she doesn't think are attractive, and men she is attracted to.

'Stupidity' is when that female employer thinks that no one noticed.

'Hypocrisy' is when a person who protests racism treats only members of his or her own race with respect, decency, and courtesy.

'Stupidity' is when that person thinks there's nothing hypocritical about their behavior.

'Hypocrisy' is when a religion calls for humility as the cornerstone of its belief system, and then builds a hierarchy with positions of status, and calls the members of one race or sex 'superior' over others.

'Stupidity' is the failure to make the connection about why it's hypocritical, or why hypocrisy matters.