Now That's Funny! Laughing In The Face Of Control Freaks: Bugs Bunny's Best Bits

Here's one of the things that happened in the nineties:
television was taken over by a couple of "moguls", and intelligent dry humor shows (like Looney Tunes, among others) that laughed in the face of greed, ego, and control-freakism was, of course, removed and buried. So, anyone too young to know any differently did NOT watch hilarious, light hearted, dry-witted cartoons in the mornings or on Saturday, accompanied by elaborate musical orchestration, and therefore were not exposed to the wonderful lessons about Ego, Control, Boundaries, and NOT taking themselves (or others) SO SERIOUSLY. 

Instead, they were exposed to shows who's main characters had ego issues and took everything as some kind of giant world-ending mission, with no light heartedness or ability to DEAL WITH ADVERSITY in sight. We had those too, but we also had THESE to help us learn to LAUGH, and WHAT TO TAKE SERIOUSLY, and what NOT TO TAKE SERIOUSLY. 
OBVIOUSLY, that's been lost in our cultures in a BIG WAY. 

Kids who did learn the lessons, or who did get to see these shows regularly, were lucky.