Someone explain to me why people keep putting other humans on pedestals like they're gods? What is this, Greek Mythology?
Almost everyone has a politician that they think is some kind of super-hero or prophet, or if not a politician then an actor, a talk show host, or a musician, and everything that person says and does is WONDERFUL and PERFECT and HIGH ABOVE everyone else... Great Leader... Savior... who never has an errant or silly thought or makes wrong decisions...

But so then they have to have VILLAINS who are the "enemy", or the nemesis of their prophet/super-hero/chosen one... 

Seriously, what is the freaking deal?
Too many Super Hero movies or Cowboy TV shows?
Cop shows?
Iron Man movies?
Too many Charlton Heston films?
Maybe it's from CSI...
Maybe it's CARTOONS or Anime.

Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tune buddies used to make huge fun of hero-worship, now those were some funny freaking cartoons.

Good grief, human beings are JUST HUMAN BEINGS.
There's no Great Leader who's the Savior Of The World, unless you're thinking of GOD, and God isn't a human, so...
What is so hard about accepting the fact that ALL humans are JUST HUMANS?
Same as you, me, and everyone else, no deities, no Angel-like savior, not a single one of us with "all the answers", and every single one of us making HUGE MISTAKES and errors in judgement, no matter how famous someone is or how dazzling someone's smile is.

....Or how they look so "rugged and wise" at the same time... Or how tall they are... or how nice their tie matches their big doe eyes... or that they're wearing those cool glasses... 

It's amazing to me how many poets, writers, songwriters and philosophers SAID NOT TO make them into "gods" or "saviors", not to put them up on pedestals, to PLEASE JUST HEAR what they were saying, and what do people do? They turn around and do exactly the opposite, making them into Idols instead of LISTENING to their message. Especially after the person dies. Extremely hypocritical and disrespectful to the person, ignoring what their WHOLE POINT was.
What is the point of hero-worshiping a person who's message was "Don't Hero-worship other human beings" ?!

(Oh and by the way, those of you who don't like it, who complain when other people post observations and opinions, LOL, who suddenly decide they "can't stand" a person because they don't align with your comfort zone... how about moving somewhere where there's no internet, Facebook, or free speech? You might be happier there. I'm sure they'll let you join the local government so you can help them tell people what to say, or how much and how often they should speak.)