Positive Attitude, Negative Attitude... Which One Is RIGHT

People who have "Pollyanna" attitudes are said to see the world covered in rainbows, sunshine, and butterflies all the time.
They can be really annoying to people who live in "reality"...

People who have "Mike Misery" attitudes are said to see the world covered in pitfalls, negativity, and problems all the time.
They can be really annoying to people who live in "reality"...

So, if Pollyannas don't live in reality, and neither do Mike Misery's, then who does?

The truth lies somewhere in between Scotty Sunshine and Debbie Downer.

Reality includes huge quantities of rainbows, sunshine, and butterflies, and it also includes large amounts of pitfalls, negativity and problems.
Neither Pollyanna NOR Mike Misery are "right", because each of them are fixated on only acknowledging certain things in the world, and not the whole picture. Each of them pretend that half of the world does not exist. They're choosing to embrace only certain things, and they're choosing to reject other things that they simply don't want to deal with.

Both LIGHT and DARKNESS exist, and both exist at all times. ALL THE TIME.
Quite literally, if it's night time and cold where Mike Misery is standing right now, on the other side of the world it's day time, and the temperature is warm. Mike is standing in a dark, cold spot. If he did some traveling, he could go to a warm and bright spot. That's reality. Whether it will be easy or hard for Mike to do this traveling is another issue, but either way the fact remains, it's bright and warm in another spot, and if Mike Misery went there, he would be warm and standing in sunshine.

We tend to get used to a certain way of looking at the world, and that often means we're looking through a FILTER of our own making. This filter makes the world look brighter, perhaps warmer, or it makes the world look darker, and perhaps colder. Many of us tend to change our FILTER according to our mood; if we're in a good mood because something good happened, we put the warm and bright filter on. If something happened (or didn't happen) that shifted our mood down, we put the cold and dark filter on. We either see everything as hopeful, pretty happy, and going well, or we see everything as gloom, doom, trapped, stuck, and negative.

We tend to BEHAVE and SPEAK according to whichever filter we're wearing over our eyes at the moment as well; we act kind and generous, respectful toward others, understanding and lighthearted when we're using the bright/warm filter. When we're using the cold/dark filter, we tend to act indifferent, hostile, uptight, annoyed, "tough", aggressive, even cold or mean.

The bright/warm filter makes it easy to act like a "lovely, caring person", and the cold/dark filter makes it easy to act like a "tough hard-nose" or even a thuggish, self-centered oaf.

Many people LEARN to change their filters purposely in order to change their attitudes and behaviors, so they can make themselves feel and act a certain way for various reasons, with various people.

Some people leave one of these filters on all the time, because they received some kind of attention or external reward from other people when they were wearing it.

Sunshine is real, and so is darkness. Happiness and joy are real, and so is struggle. Love is real, and so is hatred. Caring is real, and so is arrogance, neglect, and abuse.

We each choose the filter that we wear every day, and we choose whether to use one or not.

We each choose our actions and behavior as well, and we choose to either LEARN MORE about the world around us, about others near us and far, and about ourselves, or we choose not to, and remain ignorant.