Did You Know: Psychiatry

Be as careful about your mental health treatment and that of your loved ones as you are about the rest of your physical health, and theirs.

Many don't know this, but all psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists are not taught the same, and there are different "schools of thought" regarding psychiatry and psychology.

There are students who are taught that an individual is pretty much "born that way"... in other words, the abuse they went through, the trauma they went through, and the culture they grew up in didn't cause their behavioral, emotional, or thought processing issues... nope, they would have ended up the same exact way whether they were raised by wolves, apparently, or in Beverly Hills.
Doesn't make sense, does it?
And yet, there are people who are taught that in school, and who practice according to that belief system.

There are several theories and schools of thought regarding human psychology, so do your homework, study up, educate yourself. You are a human being just like anyone who has gone to school to study psychiatry or psychology.
Knowledge and theory is not "owned" by only certain people, it's there for every person to learn from and review.