Will I Get Treated Better When I'm Successful?

No matter WHAT a person accomplishes, the Narcissists in their life will behave as if it's 'nothing'. They wiil continue to simply NOT acknowledge the person, their efforts, skill, talent, work, or their achievements, big or small.

If there is a Narcissist in the life of any famous, very successful, or "genius" person you can think of, you can bet they're treating them the same way. (With the exception of Narcissists who are trying to get something from them with flattery.)

Real friends are real friends, no matter how poor or rich, how famous or unknown we are, or how much success we have seen (or not).

"What's that? You won something? Oh for that little movie you made, haha, what was it called? Star something... you had some kind of giant teddy bear thing in it, right? And that guy with the mask, yeah my friend Bob makes masks like that, only his are really detailed... So I took my car into the shop today and I'm gonna need you to give me a ride when they call... What party.. what do you mean an award ceremony, why can't they just mail it to you? No I don't wanna dress up for a stupid party...I'm not paying for a cab, just make sure you're around today, I'm sure the party can wait."