How You Need To Heal

How you need to heal is how you need to heal.
If you're worried about what you're doing to heal, that it might not be helping, then just look at it objectively again, and look at where you are.
Sometimes we need to do a certain thing for a while in order to get from A to B. When we've reached B, we might not need that walking stick anymore. Maybe there's a different walking stick, or maybe there's a bench.
The one thing we can rely on is that there's always another letter.. we got from A to B in our recovery, so we sat on the bench because it was exhausting. Then we walked from B to C, and noticed how beautiful the flowers there were, and it lifted our spirits. Then we went to D, and it was grey and dismal, and it felt like we were going to be trapped there, until something made us jump, and we got out of there and ended up at E... which was lovely, and we met a new friend there.
Whatever it took for us to get from one point to the next is what it took.
Sometimes when we get to the next letter, we look at one of our walking sticks and we realize it's been making us limp, or giving us blisters, or even giving us poison Ivy, but we didn't know why we were feeling like crap until that moment we realized it was that one stick. So that's the point we noticed it, and that's fine. So we don't need or want it anymore and we just throw it in the woods.

There's another one if we need it, they're all over the place.

Then we get to F and it's crappy again, and it seems like everything is crappy, and we're stuck here forever, and the journey has been for nothing.
Then... eventually... the sun rises, the clouds part, a good song comes on the radio, and we remember that we're on a journey, and that we've never been to G, it might be fantastic.
It also might suck.
But if it sucks, then there's always H... I... J... K...

And when we do get to Z, we start a new alphabet, one that we don't even know about yet, because we have yet to see it.