Female Humans Are Not Child-Versions Of Adults

Sorry, kids, but adults are adults, whether they're male or female.

Men are men, whether they're tall or short, heavy or thin, broad-shouldered or thin-framed, square-jawed or small-jawed.
No male human needs to "prove" that they're a "man"... unless the person who is wondering is apparently a MORON.
A male is a male because they were formed that way at conception by Chromosomes.
They didn't TURN THEMSELVES into males.
It was completely beyond their control, or their CHOICE.

And by the same token, females are females, they're not "TRYING" to be females, they're not some kind of "VERSION" of human that didn't quite "make it" to being a male...
Females are SUPPOSED to be females... it's how we keep HUMANS alive on the planet.

Females are not some kind of "LESSER" human, and NO female is some kind of "lesser" female... duh...

UNLESS... we could propose some kind of LAW that prohibits a Human from claiming their SEX, unless they meet CERTAIN CRITERIA.

So, ALL MALES need to be at least 6 feet, 4 inches tall, and all of their body proportions and sizes of body parts MUST fit the standards that the law states (parameters must be met). Hair must be shoulder-length and full, and eyes, nose, and mouth must be symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing in a specified manner. Musculature MUST meet certain standards.

If ALL parameters are not met, then the Human cannot claim "Male" status, and must remain genderless.

Parameters for females also must be met; no female can be OVER the height of 5 feet and 4 inches. ALL body parts must be proportionate according to the stated law.

If ALL parameters for either sex are not met, then the person can not claim gender, NOR can the person claim ADULT STATUS.

Sounds fair to me! How about it... No? Isn't that the way it's already done?