"Our beliefs about men have been twisted to where we actually lay this shit on our little boys.

"YUP, THANK YOU Cici Cummins! (Click anywhere to read Cici's article)

On a personal note, I find it very disturbing that more MALES tend to refute that "boys are not born sexist" than females; it seems that there are more males who WANT IT TO BE TRUE that
"males just can't help being bigots" because of their... testosterone levels?!? 

WHY would you WANT to be FORCED into naturally being trapped by BIAS, unable to escape, because of your biology?

That would imply that males are UNABLE to THINK objectively, to make logical decisions and choices, and therefore are the LAST people who should be "in charge" of anything at all, or even allowed to handle certain equipment (like cars, or kitchen utensils).

So, WHY are SO MANY MALES more likely to argue when someone says that boy babies are not born with bigotry?

Let's ponder that for a while, shall we?