Olympics 2014 Opening Ceremony In Russia

The 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony is just winding down, and I must say, it was spectacular.

The vast amount of talent and effort really showed throughout the ceremony, from the amazing art, design and effects, to the fantastic performances of dancers and music.


What a wonderful display of the creativity and beauty of the human spirit, and right smack in the middle of the ridiculous political climate from all sides. 

A personal message to all the people who are obsessed with being "political" 24/7, who apparently have very little appreciation for the glorious resilience of the Human Spirit, or for artistic expression, or for OTHER PEOPLE'S talent and ability:

Shut up already, and BE QUIET, and BE POLITE while this beautiful and wonderful tradition of the gathering of the Tribes here on this unique and precious Planet Earth is being celebrated.
WATCH and LISTEN while you practice being QUIET, so you can hear and see what SPIRIT really is, from the artists, the dancers, the singers, the musicians, the craftspeople, the engineers, the producers, the spectators, fellow citizens of Earth, and of course the OLYMPIC ATHLETES who have worked harder than most people could ever imagine to get the very rare chance to participate in the Games.

"SPIRIT", also known as "HEART".

Listen, watch, and learn, and celebrate, together.