On Academic Arrogance

On Academic Arrogance
(Elmer John Thiessen)

The know-it-all attitude of the undergraduate student at a university; the willingness to expound at great lengths on any and every subject on the part of the graduate student; the confident airs put on by the college or university professor – all of these are examples of academic arrogance. Academic arrogance is unfortunately all too common, and is enhanced, no doubt, by the attitude that persists in our society that the university-educated person or the educated professional are somehow superior to those who have received only a high-school education.
Arrogance is of course everybody’s problem... (Click for the full article)

ElmerJohnThiessen's article on Academic Arrogance is really about Human arrogance in general, which all arrogance of course really is; we humans can take ANYTHING and use it as a "status symbol".
It's just a one of those Hairless-Chimpanzee things, (sorry, but it's true.. ooohhhooohhhooohh).
ElmerJohnThiessen's point of view is from a Christian perspective, however arrogance is the same whether one is Christian or otherwise. Very well said, in my opinion, which may be humble, or not.